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Posts: 1
Registered: ‎04-07-2012

Cant Implement Top Modulu

I'm new to Xilinx.last week when I try to run my verilog programming,this happen:


WARNING:ProjectMgmt - File C:/Users/zarylL/testing1/testingcode1.stx is missing.


 I try to create a new project.But the file still missing after I run for the first time.Could anyone kindly help me.

Xilinx error.JPG
Expert Contributor
Posts: 2,344
Registered: ‎08-14-2007

Re: Cant Implement Top Modulu


I have no clue yet what an .stx-file can be or what it is good for, but the screen just shows warnings, so still the design flow should be finished with something useful.


What kind of flow are you actually running and what makes you think that somethink isn't working?

Are there Errors too?


Actually, I just saw that I got this Warning too in my last implementation run. It happenad between XST and PAR.

But it was no harm at all. The design is running well on the board.


Always look at the Console outputs.

When you see something like this after starting "Generate Programming File":

        Process "Generate Programming File" completed successfully


then you got a bitfile ready for configuring the FPGA.

If there are real problems, the flow will stop at the particular step and you can scrioll up the Console output to see the error messages.


Try again, and report back when you find some real problem with your design.

And then provide sufficient information for tracing the cause. (Tool version, Device type, Error Message etc.)


Have a nice synthesis


Posts: 11
Registered: ‎01-18-2013

Re: Cant Implement Top Modulu

I actually just encountered the same 'warning'.


Checking my syntax errored out with no error or warning messages. 


Synthesizing my design does not complete successfully, but gives no error messages, only that warning mentioned in the original post. I find it strange that despite being a warning it does not synthesize.


After saying: 

Started : "Synthesize - XST".
Running xst...
Command Line: xst -intstyle ise -ifn "<my_file_path_shortened>.xst" -ofn "<my_file_path_shortened>.syr"

 It would just say synthesis failed. (The compiler flags may have changed, this was copied after the fact.)


I decided to restart ISE to see if it resolved itself. Upon relaunching ISE, windows bluescreened with a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. (I'm running ISE 14.4 on Windows 7).


After my unintended reboot ISE initially gave me the same warning about a missing file, but after hitting synthesis it appears to have righted itself.


I can only assume that the original poster found something like this too, because a solution doesn't seem to have been posted in this thread.