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Visitor jou
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BOOT MODE设置是NAND,不知道是什么原因,感谢你!

****** Xilinx Program Flash
****** Program Flash v2017.4 (64-bit)
**** SW Build 2086221 on Fri Dec 15 20:55:39 MST 2017
** Copyright 1986-2017 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Connecting to hw_server @ TCP:

Connected to hw_server @ TCP:
Available targets and devices:
Target 0 : jsn-DLC10-000015d5a99801
Target 1 : jsn1
Device 0: jsn-DLC10-000015d5a99801-4ba00477-0

Retrieving Flash info...

Initialization done, programming the memory
BOOT_MODE REG = 0x00000004
WARNING: [Xicom 50-100] The current boot mode is NAND.
If flash programming fails, configure device for JTAG boot mode and try again.
Problem in running uboot
Flash programming initialization failed.

ERROR: Flash Operation Failed

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Visitor jou
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注册日期: ‎01-19-2019

回复: 程序下载NAND FLASH 失败

这是下载过程中串口打印的信息 Xilinx First Stage Boot Loader Release 2017.4 Jan 19 2019-09:50:43 Devcfg driver initialized Silicon Version 3.1 Boot mode is NAND InitNand: Geometry = 0x8 Nand driver initialized NAND Init Done Flash Base Address: 0xE1000000 Reboot status register: 0x60500000 Multiboot Register: 0x0000C000 Image Start Address: 0x00000000 Partition Header Offset:0x00000C80 Partition Count: 3 Partition Number: 1 Header Dump Image Word Len: 0x00010004 Data Word Len: 0x00010004 Partition Word Len:0x00010004 Load Addr: 0x00100000 Exec Addr: 0x00100000 Partition Start: 0x000055D0 Partition Attr: 0x00000010 Partition Checksum Offset: 0x00000000 Section Count: 0x00000001 Checksum: 0xFFDCA7C2 Application Partition Number: 2 Header Dump Image Word Len: 0x0016CFC8 Data Word Len: 0x0016CFC8 Partition Word Len:0x0016CFC8 Load Addr: 0x00000000 Exec Addr: 0x00000000 Partition Start: 0x000155E0 Partition Attr: 0x00000020 Partition Checksum Offset: 0x00000000 Section Count: 0x00000001 Checksum: 0xFFBA3846 Bitstream FSBL Warning !!!Bitstream not loaded into PL Partition order invalid Handoff Address: 0x00100000 In FsblHookBeforeHandoff function SUCCESSFUL_HANDOFF FSBL Status = 0x1
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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回复: 程序下载NAND FLASH 失败

1. 烧写 Flash 时把 BootMode 设置成 JTAG 可以防止很多奇怪的问题发生

2.  !!!Bitstream not loaded into PL Partition order invalid Handoff Address: 0x00100000,可能你准备的Boot.bin 中,先放一个简单一点的比较好,比如只放一个 FSBL,确认烧写正确后再慢慢往上加。

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