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zcu106开发板 vcu_trd video3/video4/ video5节点怎么使用

      使用zcu106开发板,加载自带的vcu_trd中的内核和uboot启动板卡,会生成video* media* v4l-subdev*节点。video0/video1/video2这些节点分别对应hdmi/tpg/csi输入,可以使用v4l2工具采集视频;video3/video4/ video5/video6/video7这些节点怎么使用?

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回复: zcu106开发板 vcu_trd video3/video4/ video5节点怎么使用

你可以在UG1250第22页里面看到下面这段话。Video node代表DMA channels。有写通道和读通道,分别对应视频输入和输出。


An entity is a basic media hardware building block. It can correspond to a large variety of
blocks such as physical hardware devices (e.g., image sensors), logical hardware devices
(e.g., soft IP cores inside the PL), DMA channels, or physical connectors. Physical or logical
devices are modeled as subdevice nodes and DMA channels as video nodes.

Figure 3-3 shows the media graph for the SDI-Rx, TPG, HDMI Rx, and CSI Rx video capture
pipelines as generated by the media-ctl utility. The TPG subdevice is shown in white with its
corresponding control interface address and subdevice node in the center. The numbers on
the edges are pads and the solid arrows represent active links. The grey boxes are video
nodes that correspond to Frame Buffer Write channels, in this case write channels (outputs).

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回复: zcu106开发板 vcu_trd video3/video4/ video5节点怎么使用

The video  inputs of the TRD includes the following:
1. TPG (PL)—referred to as TPG from here on
2. HDMI Rx
3. MIPI CSI-2 Rx
4. File source (SATA, SD, and USB 3.0)
5. SDI Rx
6. Stream In

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