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Observer masrut
Registered: ‎07-30-2015

runtime PL integrity check

I need to do a certification of a medical system based on a Zynq device. The certifier is asking me which is the risk class of the software, according to the CEI 62304 standard (for medical devices). I told him that the software is the part related to the processors, written in C, and the PL part written in Verilog HDL is Hardware, so the compliance to the standard is not required. The certifier replied me that also the Verilog must be considered as software. I did not reply, but now I have to demonstrate that there is an external mechanism which ensures safety. If some bit in the PL changes, for some reason (radiation for example), what happens in the ZYNQ ? Is there any mechanism checking runtime integrity of the bitstream ? If yes, where do I find the related User Guide ?




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