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Registered: ‎08-24-2018

Bootgen and split option

Hi ,

I am working on a Zynq board (Enclustra supplier) , and I have the following configuration ( QSPI mode):

Partition 1 : FSBL

Partition 2 : U-Boot                      owner = FSBL

Partition 3: bitstream                   owner = FSBL ( or U-Boot : not yet decided ....)

Partition 4 : apllication                owner = U-Boot


In case of "split", I should be able to load Partition 2,3, 4 independantly.

I saw on a forum thread that the size of the bitstream is always the same ( do you confirm it ?).


But , image  that I need to load a new applicative partition ( Partition 4).

What happens if the new size is more ( or less)  important than the size of the initial partition 4 ? :

The block 1 ( Boot header  + Image Headers + FSBL) contains the length of the partition 4 and will be unchanged.

I had a look at the fsbl code and found these lines ( extract from  "image_mover.c"): 

Status = MoveImage(SourceAddr, LoadAddr, (ImageWordLen << WORD_LENGTH_SHIFT));


ImageWordLen = Header->PartitionWordLen;    // personnal comment : (Header->PartitionWordLen) belongs to block 1    


How could it work? ( if the size is different)

Thanks by advance ,

Gilles Peltier

P.S: see also the answer of Xilinx Employee <Sorenb> in this thread:


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-11-2011

All you said is correct. There are some attributes in .bif that allow you to "reserve" and "allign" the partittions but honestly I don't remember how that impact the Image Headers. Maybe we can try to play with those and use "bootgen_utility" to see if the outcome is what we want.

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