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Registered: ‎04-25-2019

Bootloader for Update Images

Hey guys,

I am looking for a proper solution for a bootloader based on the microblaze softcore processor. I want to send update images (mcs or bitstream including fpga config + microblaze elf file) from a host pc to the microblaze. The microblaze shall setup the flash memory with the new image data. Then the new image shall be loaded after reboot. Up to this point its easy.

But how can I control the boot sequence? If the Bootloader got a "set_property BITSTREAM.CONFIG.NEXT_CONFIG_ADDR" in its properties then this update image will be loaded every time. The bootloader wont do anything anymore. But what if I want to do another update?

There must be a way to run the bootloader image at first and then after a certain time when no host pc wants to update (or something like that) the updated image will be loaded.

Does anybody got a similar issue? Everything I found is all about fallback events. But If the bitstream is correct I cant update anymore...


Thanks for helping :=)

I am using an Artix7...


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