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Registered: ‎12-20-2017

Creating ZynqMP boot image that contains a boot image from another FPGA family

I'm trying to create a bare metal zynqmp application that programs an Artix-7 (via an interface to the PL).    This is on a custom board that does not currently have DRAM, so my program runs out of on-chip-memory.

I'd like to do this as a barebones application using the SDK and JTAG.   I'd like to be able to flah a QSPI image that contains ONLY the Artix-7 image, then run my program over the JTAG from the SDK, and access the QSPI memory using the xilsf_* software library.  I will feed the binary data to the firmware component, which will program the Artix with it.

I assume the way to program the QSPI is to create a image with a bif file that looks something like this:

//arch = zynqmp; split = false; format = BIN

However, when bootgen sees the Artix-7 image, it spits out this error:

bootgen -arch zynqmp -image DCON_2019-03-13C_rxapp.bif -o BOOT.BIN
[ERROR] : Partname 7a100tfgg484 in Bit file is incompatible with Zynq MP parts

I believe the 7a number is referring to the Artix-7.  I believe bootgen is trying to save me from flashing the wrong fw image to the PL.  But I don't want to flash it... I just want it to sit passively in the QSPI until I read it with my software.

Any tips on how to convince bootgen to let me do this?

Also, second part of my question:  I have some confusion over whether I want the BIT file format to program the Artix in this way, or the BIN format.  It will be programmed over the PROGRAM_B (et al) lines, driven by the zynqmp firmware.  

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-11-2011

Re: Creating ZynqMP boot image that contains a boot image from another FPGA family

Don't use a .bit extension. Try a .raw so the MPSoC won't think it is a bitstream for itself.

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