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Visitor j_roberg
Registered: ‎11-30-2017

SDK Program Flash Issue: Zynq + S25FL

I am working on a custom board that has XC7Z020 with QSPI connection to Cypress/Spansion S25FL128 serial flash. With default/factory settings on the flash I am able to successfully use program flash command in SDK. However, if I assert the TBPROT bit of the flash (which is needed for our application), SDK program flash always fails (blank check, verify, etc.) I have found that, with TBPROT set, the QUAD bit in the flash reads back as 0 after attempting to program flash from SDK (with QUAD=0, Zynq is unable to read flash at startup and debugger only works with strapping set to JTAG). If I manually set the QUAD bit back to 1, then attempt to program flash from SDK, the cycle repeats (QUAD bit always reads back as 0 after invoking SDK program flash).


I have also opened a service request for this but have not been making much progress. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-11-2011

Re: SDK Program Flash Issue: Zynq + S25FL

Have you tried to use u-boot to program the flash? In that case you might be able to look at the code and understand why the QUAD bit is going to zero.

Also, maybe not a bad idea to talk to Spansion/Cypress: They  should be able to help you with u-boot.

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