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Registered: ‎04-28-2020

Are there any example for DSP48E2? I want to implement MACC functionality but having hard time to do it.

Hello, I am new to the Xilinx FPGA. I am trying to use DSP slices in ZCU102 board.


I look through the manual, UG974 (for template) and UG579, but it just says things about functionalities.

Is there any example project that I can refer to design DSP48E2 system?

I got a lot of good help when I got an example project for DMA system, so it will be great if I can have any basic example for DSP48E2 too.

I look through the Xilinx forum and archive to find one, but ended in vain.


Any input will be appreciated.


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Registered: ‎08-01-2007

We have four ways to use DSP48E2, they are DSP48E2 primitive instantiation, HDL code inference, this is recommended, Vivado IP Catalog and DSP48 Macros.

The DSP48E2 slices are inferred automatically from HDL code for most DSP functions and
many arithmetic functions when using synthesis tools (check the documentation for your
synthesis tools for details-UG901). You can also find the examples on Language Template in Vivado GUI. (Open Vivado GUI, select Tools -> Language Template), In language template, select Verilog -> Synthesis Constructs -> Example Modules -> DSP.

On the DSP48E2 primitive instantiation examples, we only have examples for DSP48E. The DSP58E examples can be downloaded from

The DSP48E2 slice is effectively a superset of the DSP48E1 and DSP48E slices. That said, you can use these examples and tools will automatically retarget to DSP48E2.

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