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Registered: ‎04-29-2010

FFT core pipelined Streaming I/O with no Cyclic Prefix Insertion


I want to use Pipelined Streaming I/O with no Cyclic Prefix Insertion mode. Because, my upstream master provides continuous data with no gap. According to figure 3.42 from the following document, s_axis_data_tready is always asserted high. But I am curious if this can or cannot be the general case?!

In my application I don't care if core unloads the data with so variable or long delay. My main concern is to make sure that s_axis_data_tready is always going to stay high, since my upstream device is continuously providing incoming data with no gap.  

If the core is supporting a continuous streaming mode, then it means, the core has to be ready all the time. If not, then it can not claim that it does support continuous streaming mode! But again this is not clearly specified in the document! I would've expected to see s_axis_data_tready to be optional in Pipelined Streaming I/O with no Cyclic Prefix Insertion.  But again this is not clearly stated. 

Can someone please clarify?



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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-18-2018

Hi @rudy ,

The Pipelined Stream I/O allows for continuous frame loading , processing and unloading of the output frames. However there might be cases where the core can insert wait states in input. One such scenario would be when the downstream slave connected at XFFT output de-assert "m_axis_data_tready" and this would mean back pressure applied on the XFFT IP and would lead to "s_axis_data_Tready going low.



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