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Visitor shohamisr
Registered: ‎08-01-2019

FFT using VS2015 does not compile and run


I tried to compile and run FFT V9.1 using Visual Studio 2015.

At first, it sent an linking error saying it can't find the definition of the functions xilinx_ip_xfft_v9_1_bitacc_simulate, xilinx_ip_xfft_v9_1_bitacc_create_state and xilinx_ip_xfft_v9_1_bitacc_destroy_state. On the FFT9.1 tutorial - Fast Fourier Transform v9.1 LogiCORE IP Product Guide, on the installation part, it says to "ensure that the directory in which the files
libIp_xfft_v9_1_bitacc_cmodel.dll and libgmp.dll are located is either in your
%PATH% environment variable, or is the directory in which you runs your executable that
calls the FFT C model", although I couldnt fine those files anywhere. What I did find from other forum from a coulple of years ago, is the file libIp_xfft_v8_0_bitacc_cmodel.dll and libIp_xfft_v8_0_bitacc_cmodel.lib, and V7_1.

When I tried to change the functions on the fft code to use those libraries, it compiled, but when I try to run, it sends a system error (on the attached file). I tried to put manually the MSVCR90.dll file (downloaded from dll-flies.com) on System32 folder, and tried to reinstall VS but that wasn't helpful.

My questions are:

1. Where can I find the V9_1 libraries?

2. Is the V8_0 is good enough, or maybe that is the reason for the system error (the attached file)?

3. How can I resolve the system error? and what I need to do in order that it won't send me that error again?

4. Is there something I need to adjust when I try to run vivado files in VS?

If someone can help me I'll be very grateful.



fft error.JPG
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