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Registered: ‎01-15-2009

Supporting decimation changes on-the-fly

Hi All,


It seems the System Generator FIR Compiler blocks do not provide for a reloadable decimation (or interpolation) factor, is that correct?  My application requires that I be able to change the decimation on the fly (and the decimation is not necessarily a power of two).  I see these as options:


1) Implement N FIR filter blocks, each with its own sample rate change;


2) Use the FIR in single rate mode, followed by N DownSample blocks (each with a unique downsample factor) in parallel;


3) Use the FIR in single rate mode, followed by an MCode block that can downsample by a programmable factor;


4) Use a CIC filter (which does support programmable sample rate changes) in combination with a FIR.


Has anyone had to deal with this problem?  Is one of the above “solutions” better than the others?  Is there some alternative anyone can suggest?




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