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Registered: ‎03-06-2019

DPU timeout while execute DPU Task


I modified TRD design by using B1024 DPU with 1 core. I use dlet to generate dcf file and compile my kernel with it. When I ran the program on the board, I have the following error:

DPU timeout while execute DPU Task [zynqnet_fpn-7] of Node [conv1_conv1_convolution]

core 0 runtime interrupt failed to get finish interrupt


The DPU timeout while executing my first layer.

I'm using DPU v.3.0 and DNNDK v3.1


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Registered: ‎03-27-2013

Hi @baharlab ,


I have done a quick search on DPU driver and I can find the error message would be from the code inside file dpucore.c file:

ret = wait_event_interruptible_timeout(dpudev.waitqueue[dpu_core],
dpudev.intflg[dpu_core] == TRUE, timeout * USER_HZ);

dpudev.intflg[dpu_core] = FALSE;

if (ret == 0) {
"[PID %d][taskID %ld]Core %d Run timeout,failed to get finish interrupt!\n",
current->pid, prun->handle_id, dpu_core);


It seems that the function went into timeout when waiting for intflg[dpu_core] == TRUE event. And the value is modified in dpu_isr() function(dpucore.c file).

So the first thing you can check out is whether the interrupt has been received by the driver. Here are the suggestions I can provide:

1. Double check your DPU interrupt connection in IPI design and you can add ILA to monitor these signals to do HW/SW codebug when running your application

2. Check the DTS configurations and make sure you have configure the right interrupt number and type

And please feel free to let me know if you I have missed anything here.


Best Regards,
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