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Registered: ‎01-29-2020

How to get DPU signature log while booting ZCU106 reva

I have created block design (ZCU106 MPSOC + DPU + custom IP) in Vivado with DPU  component taken from:

1) Included IP repository in Vivado, and added the DPU IP in block design.
2) Created the hardware component(i.e xsa zip).
3) Also created software component using Petalinux 2020.2, able to generate bootable images for SD card with required packages configured with rootfs.

But when I flash the image and boot up the board, it doesn't show any logs for DPU like "DPU signature found"

Can anyone help me what steps are required to get DPU Active or to get DPU signature logs while booting with the generated Petalinux image?

Vivado version: 2020.2
Petalinux version: 2020.2


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