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Registered: ‎08-25-2020

Trenz TE0808 reboots on running multi-threading DPU examples

I followed the steps given for Xilinx VITIS DPU-TRD v3.3 for custom board

I was able to successfully deploy the Xilinx VITI DPU-TRD image on the Trenz TE0808-04-9BE21-AS board.
I am able to run a few standard few models like YOLOv3 and Resnet-50 inference in the single thread mode.

But when I am running multi-threading, I get the following error, and the board hungs up

[F0625 06:54:46.339120 1342 xrt_cu.cpp:165] Check failed: is_done cu timeout! core_idx 0 handle=0xaaab0a0c6da0 ENV_PARAM(XLNX_DPU_TIMEOUT) 10000 state 1 ERT_CMD_STATE_COMPLETED 4 ms 10010 bo=4is_done 0

I have checked the junction temperature using Vivado, it's stable around 60-70 C. Also, the FPGA gets a stable power supply of 12 V 11 A from an SMPS.

I am not able to figure out why the board is rebooting, when I am running multi-threading examples.

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