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New Universal Control Board (UCB) with Xilinx Zynq-7000 enables optimal motor control with the advanced power stages from ON Semiconductor

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Xilinx Employee
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Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Michael Zapke, Marketing Lead - Industrial | Industrial & Vision, Healthcare & Sciences at Xilinx

ON Semiconductor’s Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) and Transfer Molded Power Integrated Modules are made for efficient motor control. They are suitable for high voltages and high operating temperatures and allow a reduction of the drive’s real estate. Higher switching frequencies facilitate increased efficiency beyond the capabilities of legacy motor control solutions.

That’s why microcontrollers with algorithms in software can’t optimize new technologies. Fast switching that uses advanced algorithms in dedicated logic controls the rotating field in the motor—maximizing efficiency. With motor control in the Xilinx® Zynq®-7000 SoC, the system gets the right performance by design. The speed of the control loops is always predictable, regardless of what else is running inside of the Xilinx SoC. Arm® cores in the processing system make the unit intelligent and ready for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Energy efficiency in motors plays an essential role. Not long ago, many motors ran at an efficiency of ~44%, i.e., more than half of the consumed energy was not converted into motion. To keep the field accurate, Xilinx can achieve control loop times in the sub-microsecond range in its programmable logic. This speed allows accurate control of high-speed motors even in presence of changing load conditions. The low internal Drain-Source resistance of the IPM (R(DS)ON) contributes to simpler thermal design, less passive components, and consequently lower weight at a smaller size.


Now Available: Motor Development Kit (MDK) with ON Semiconductor Power Stages and Xilinx SoCs

Simplify the start of your design by using the new Motor Development Kit (MDK). It’s a flexible solution that consists of

Beyond that, a Power Board will come for applications in the range of 600W to 1.2kW using 16V / 30V / 60V / 100V MOSFETs (Q1/2021). Power Boards with switches from ON Semiconductor’s Silicon Carbide line-up are extensions that are currently under consideration.

The Xilinx component on the UCB is a Z-7020 (Zynq-7000 SoC) for motor control in dedicated logic and applications on the dual Arm Cortex®-A9. The form factor is small, just 65mm x 44mm (2.56” x 1.73”). The board is equipped with

  • 10-channel differential ADC
  • 12 PWM channels
  • Off-board: CAN (external transceiver required)
  • USB to JTAG/UART interface for configuration/debugFigure 1: Universal Control Board (UCB)Figure 1: Universal Control Board (UCB)

Because the Xilinx Z-7020 SoC comes with a high amount of internal block RAM and has resources for custom analysis functions, DSP blocks, and the Arm Cortex-A9 core, the UCB is ideal for acquiring data with a high sampling rate and running custom analyses near the motor. This is an enabler for IIoT features, e.g., continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Trenz Electronic developed the UCB. Find details on Trenz Electronic’s website, where you can also place an order. 

Here’s an example of what the kit looks like: UCB and a 4 kW power board build a small formfactor unit (see Figure 2). 

Figure 2: MDK with 4kW Power Stage and UCB Plugged InFigure 2: MDK with 4kW Power Stage and UCB Plugged In

Even the initial set of power boards covers a wide range of target applications, for instance:

  • Drives for industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Power tools
  • White goods (Home Appliances)
  • HVAC
  • Pumps
  • Fans

ON Semiconductor published a website with more information. Please visit ON Semiconductor website. Videos are also there to give you a fast overview.


Endless Options for Custom Applications

What? There is no motor included? You are right, no bundled motor!

Figure 3: Motor Development Kit FamilyFigure 3: Motor Development Kit Family

The MDK is made to speed up your development. Your targeted motors will run with it.

The Xilinx Vitis™ Unified Software Platform gives the developer all the tools necessary to design control algorithms with the required performance from code in high-level languages like C and C++. That is the best way to create your differentiating solution fast.

Besides a simple GUI that allows you for a fast setup (Figure 4), an additional benefit is the availability of the Open Source Framework PYNQ. That is a fast way to add analytics and to use Python Libraries, which make the options to configure, monitor and predict the motor condition infinite. 

Figure 4: Simple Motor Control GUIFigure 4: Simple Motor Control GUI

Finally, here is a short summary of what makes the new MDK different:

  • Made for development, not just for demonstration
  • Includes a Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC (Z-7020)
  • Scalable across multiple power ranges
  • Universal Control Boards are good for production
  • Fast control loops for high power efficiency
  • Capabilities of Xilinx tool flows for differentiation
  • Ideal architecture for the IIoT including Edge Analytics, integrated in the SoC
  • Ready for future Power Boards from ON Semiconductor with Silicon Carbide

MDK combines an 'out of the box' experience for evaluating variable speed motor inverter solutions with the capability to work on your differentiating features right from the start.


Check out the press release and the blog by ON Semiconductor.