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Partner: Plunify InTime in the Cloud ‒ Supporting Faster and Reliable Timing Closure

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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By Chris Dunlap, Xilinx Ecosystems Marketing Director


Many FPGA designers are working on complex designs that require high compute power to reduce build time and turnaround time. With the collaboration between Xilinx and Plunify, FPGA designers can now use on-demand servers and hourly licenses to supplement their existing compute infrastructure. With the Plunify cloud, FPGA designers not only can use on-demand servers for simple Vivado® builds, but also can use on-demand servers to optimize their designs. This means that Plunify allows FPGA designers to save IT costs and avoid managing their own server infrastructure. Even FPGA designers can use as many servers as needed to meet the challenge—without server management. 


At XDF, Plunify demonstrated the FPGA design experience in the cloud to show a faster turnaround time, productivity improvement, and quicker project completion.



FPGA Design in the Cloud



Plunify Cloud is a platform that simplifies the technical and security management aspects of accessing a cloud infrastructure for FPGA designers. Integrated with Xilinx FPGA tools, FPGA Expansion Pack lets you compile and optimize FPGA designs in the cloud directly from the Vivado tools. You can also create AFIs if you are using F1 instances. With just a few clicks, you can accelerate your FPGA builds and achieve maximum performance with the flexibility of the cloud.



AI Lab provides a virtual environment that enables you to use pre-installed FPGA tools on the cloud for your research and development needs. Any FPGA designer can benefit from the pre-configured environment without any local tools. To learn how to use AI Lab, watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkNmW--0hnI


Lastly, Plunify InTime FPGA design optimization tool. InTime is a machine learning software that optimizes FPGA timing and performance. It identifies optimization strategies for synthesis and place-and-route. Watch the video below to see 1) what timing closure/design optimization means to FPGA designers and 2) how InTime provides better timing closure and performance.





Cloud technologies have matured. Plunify, an easy to use platform, allows FPGA designers to compile and optimize their designs utilizing the power of cloud computing. It provides simplicity, security, and ease of use for the FPGA designer, helping them in their daily flows, and providing a boost during crunch time.


Check out the partner release here

Sign up for the cloud at: https://cloud.plunify.com/register/

Request for an InTime Evaluation at: https://www.plunify.com/en/free-evaluation/