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Partner: What to Consider When Selecting Operating Systems

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Patrick Cote, Director of IT and CISO, DesignLinx Solutions, Inc. 


Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Xilinx® Alveo™ data center accelerator cards provide programmability, scalability, and performance across any server deployment. These products provide a low latency, power efficient solution that can be easily installed throughout a data center. Adaptable accelerator cards can be deployed to unlock dramatic throughput and latency improvements for demanding compute, network, and storage workloads. From machine learning inference, video transcoding, and data analytics to computational storage, electronic trading, and financial risk modeling, the Alveo accelerator cards bring programmability, flexibility, and high throughput while allowing low latency performance advantages to any server deployment.

Xilinx Alveo Data Center Accelerator CardXilinx Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card

Which Operating System is Right for Me?

The right operating system results in an efficient deployment. The selection of the operating system should include what’s right for the user. Considerations should include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Platform support
  • Stability and robustness
  • Development environment
  • Ancillary software
  • Ease of use

While open source operating systems are cost-effective options, stability and robustness are also very important features to the administrators. Regardless of Linux version or type - CentOS or Ubuntu - any operating system presents its own set of challenges and benefits. Identifying essential software during the planning process is one of key factors when users are trying to find the right operating system. OS selection and deployment planning also include ancillary software, from remote desktop operability to installation itself, since managing servers with a variety of operating systems can be challenging for administrators.


Alveo Accelerator Cards are Adaptable and Accessible

The Alveo accelerator cards are designed for a variety of acceleration solutions and development environment. If a user is looking for a custom solution, Vivado® Design Suite, Vitis™ unified software platform, and pre-optimized libraries simplify the design process and allow developers to use high-level languages such as C, C++, and OpenCL™. If a user is looking for turn-key solution, Xilinx has developed an ecosystem and partner solutions for most common workloads.


The success of a software acceleration project can hinge on different factors including operating systems and the development environment. Xilinx Premier Partner DesignLinx understands that all operating systems are not created equal and the right development environment is critical for the fastest time to market. DesignLinx offers the in-depth experience of deploying Alveo accelerator cards and developing acceleration solutions for diverse workloads and use cases.

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