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Webinar: No hardware experience? No problem! Xilinx MicroBlaze processors are for everyone.

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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No RTL experience is required for this webinar! You will see how to rapidly prototype virtually any embedded design with external peripherals in minutes. Additionally, you will learn all the benefits of building Xilinx embedded processors including real-time deterministic processing and functional safety.


Ease-of-Use MicroBlaze Processor Presets and Vivado Tool Example Projects

MicroBlaze™ processor presets are preconfigured MicroBlaze options to emulate typical processor architectures. These presets eliminate the complexity of configuring MicroBlaze for typical use cases of processors.

Xilinx is taking the MicroBlaze processor presets and packaging them to make complete embedded designs that are targeted for specific boards. We call these embedded designs example projects. These example projects not only build a complete custom processor design, they also include all drivers and example code to exercise the onboard peripherals.

Once you open the Vivado® Design Suite, you will see five example projects.


These example projects enable anyone to build embedded designs quickly. Even software developers will be able to start programming boards immediately. This allows all developers to ramp up their design time for prototyping, and more importantly, the designs are configurable by users. These five example projects are natively available in Vivado 2018.3, which will be available in few weeks.

The webinar includes ease-of-use demos with MicroBlaze presets and Vivado example projects for the Digilent Arty-S7.


Arm Cortex-M Processing Solutions with Xilinx FPGAs

If you attended XDF or Arm® TechCon, you probably have heard that Arm expanded design possibilities with free Cortex™-M processors for Xilinx FPGAs. Now, Arm is collaborating with Xilinx to brings the benefits of Arm Cortex-M processors to FPGA via the Arm Design Start program. It means that both the industry’s most robust and mature embedded ecosystems and the flexibility of Xilinx FPGAs are available to you.


The webinar is being held on November 13. More details and registration here.

For more information on Cost-Optimized Portfolio, visit

To download the Vivado Design Suite, visit


thanks for the interesting presentation. I installed Vivado 2018.3 now.
I'm missing the announced Arty S7-50 templates in the example projects.

kind regards



Hi all

The ARM Cortex-M processor is a great option for design embedded systems. This soft IP will be available in Vivado or is needed download it from ARM web site? The documentations, examples and programming tools are given by Xilinx?


Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee

Arm Cortex-M1 and M3 IP are available for download from Arm’s web site. Once downloaded, watch step-by-step videos for integrating Cortex-M IP on Xilinx FPGAs.


Thanks so much for your reply.

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee

Hi su026065,

This Answer record demonstrates how to add these Board Files and Example Designs into Vivado 2018.3.