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Registered: ‎09-04-2020

Getting Started in the Alveo Community


Welcome to the Alveo Accelerator Card Community!

Getting Started:

  • Before posting, the answer may already be available:
    • Check out the newly released Alveo Card Debugging guide
    • Search the forums
    • If you find a related post and still have questions, create a new post and reference the older post
  • When posting, keep in mind:
    • The Xilinx Community Guidelines
    • To give kudos for helpful posts and mark solutions to recognize other's help
    • Title: Include which card and a short description (Under 50 characters will allow the full title to be displayed on the board)
    • Key details: XRT version, platform/shell, OS version, relevant outputs (lspci -vd 10ee:, xbmgmt flash --scan, dmesg, etc.)
    • Reply with @ username to notify that user

Useful Places:

What questions are best suited for the Alveo Accelerator Cards forums?

Questions on card bring-up, XRT, firmware/drivers, platforms/shells, card management, card utilities, and applications are all well suited for this board.

If your question is outside of this scope, consider these other boards:

* Please don't forget to reply, kudo and accept as a solution! *
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