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Registered: ‎07-08-2019

[Question]: Is my Alveo card broken?


I have obtained an alveo u200 data center card for one of my projects. I wanted to set it up as a part of cluster for which I decided to install the device onto a server configured with Supermicro X11DPU(-V). 
I plugged my alveo card onto the board by connecting one end of the card to the PCIe on the motherboard and the other power connection to one of the GPU connection ports on the board. As soon as I plugged them, the server could not be booted. The machine was not able to boot nor did the cooling fans turn on. It seemed as if the entire power management unit was tripped. However, when I removed the card from the board and tried to turn on the server I was able to boot the server without a problem. I would like to know if the card is broken. If so, how can I know if it is broken for sure? If it is broken, please let me know what might have done wrong?

Please let me know soon.

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Registered: ‎09-04-2020

Hi ,

The first thing to check is the power coming from the motherboard, it's important to not use ATX/EPS power as described in more detail in AR 72298.

I would try to run the card in the server without AUX Power, while this is not a supported configuration it may allow the server to boot and you can check to see if the server can recognize the card by running $ lspci -vd 10ee: . If the server can boot, but the card is not recognized by the host - look at the LEDs on the card (There are 5: red, blue, orange, yellow, green).


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