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Registered: ‎05-01-2019

The relationship between shell and the hardware platform file



I have access to a Xilinx-Samsung u2x4 board. I have been trying to upgrade to Vitis or version 2019.2. As I understand the shell has to be upgraded as well along with the new platform file. I do have the new platform files, but I don't know how to upgrade to a new shell.

I wonder is there a relationship between the xsa (Xilinx shell archive) file and the shell. If so, is it possible to flash the shell with the xsa file as that's what I have.

I noticed the xsa file in the vitis compilation log:

INFO: [v++ 60-895] Target platform: /home/colouser51/U.2_Shell_v030_19_oct_2019/xilinx_samsung_u2x4_201920_2/xilinx_samsung_u2x4_201920_2.xpfm
INFO: [v++ 60-1578] This platform contains Xilinx Shell Archive '/home/colouser51/U.2_Shell_v030_19_oct_2019/xilinx_samsung_u2x4_201920_2/hw/xilinx_samsung_u2x4_201920_2.xsa'


To generalize the question does the deployment/development package has to be installed on the system before flashing the shell. Does the package install the shell in the system such that 'xbmgmt flash --upgrade --shell <name>' can locate the shell within the installed package by matching the name? Maybe I should turn to Samsung for this platform package?




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-19-2015

Hi @zinechant 

Looks like you are using Vitis with the U.2 platform, is that correct? 

Does your Vitis project compile? 

xsa = shell archive, xpfm = platform file. In your case, these are coupled and are referring to the same physical hardware. 

How do you know what shell is on your card? 

Why do you think you should upgrade? 

The deployment package needs to be installed before flashing the shell

The development package needs to be installed before developing kernels for that platform. 

You say you have flashed the shell with an xsa file? Can you tell me more about how you did that? 

Do you have the development and deployment .rpm/.deb files? 



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