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ISE Webpack 10.1 Installation


I downloaded the single tar file of ISE 10.1 webpack. I've tried to install on linux and windows and the installer fails at the first step. On both platforms the first window is all I can get to. Screenshot is attached. Kindly please let me know what needs to be done to get the webpack installed and working.

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Re: ISE Webpack 10.1 Installation

Make sure you have extracted the .tar correctly and not in a flat structure.  The installer needs to find an .idata.bin file in the idata folder at the top-level to populate the installer.  It looks like this image is showing the installer without any real data to load in.
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Re: ISE Webpack 10.1 Installation

I used Cygwin tar to decompress the downloaded files, but I run into the exact same problem as Nirmal. I searched the directory structure that is created, but could not find the .idata.bin file in the idata folder, or anywhere else. All other files look fine. I suspect that the ISE 10.1 installation only works for UNIX for now.
Please advise what tool you use to decompress the tar file on Windows.
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Re: ISE Webpack 10.1 Installation

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Upon further research, and also described in a recently added Xilinx "AR #30616 - 10.1 Install - Installer text is cutoff in the GUI and displays nothing in the options box" the problem is caused by either decompression and/or DVD burning software. I have found that Roxio DVD Creator filters files that it classifies as system files, i.e. those that start with '.'. Roxio Creator Classic has the option to disable filtering of system files and creates good DVD.
The procedure to create a good install DVD is:
1. Use Cygwin tar (in Windows) or just tar in Linux to decompress the downloaded tar files. For some reason GNU tar does not work. If you have a prior version of EDK installed on Windows, you can use the EDK shell (which is a Cygwin environment).
2. To create a DVD in Windows, use Creator Classic, with system file filtering disabled, or other DVD burning software that does not filter files.

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