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problem with a NGO file

Hello all,

i am trying to instanciate a MAC IP from MoreThanIP in ISE 8.2. MoreThanIP provides this MAC as a .ngo file and when i try to synthesize it , there is a message error :"Failed to create the command line for XST. One or more procedures reported errors."

I don't understand. Is it possible to compile an .ngo file? Did I forget something?

Thanks for your answers.

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Re: problem with a NGO file

An ngo file is a netlist and is already compiled into the device technology (not unlike an EDIF or ngc).
It is a mechanism some vendors use to distribute IP without providing HDL source.
I am not familiar with this particular IP, but usually when IP is distributed in a netlist, they will offer an HDL (VHDL and/or Verilog) instantiation template.
The core will then be black-boxed in your top-level netlist as you don't have the source.
You'll then want to make sure the translate/ngdbuild can find the core netlist to merge it into your design during implementation. You can do this by:
1) copying the core's ngo file to your implementation directory
2) configuring translate (via the macro search path)/ngdbuild (via the -sd switch) to look in another directory where the netlist is located.
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Re: problem with a NGO file



When I get ngo file compiled for non-Xilinx device, is there any chance to make it work for some Xilinx device? Are there any translators or smth similar? I suppose it is impossible to do that, since creating ngo file is a way of protecting HDL source by IP distributor.