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System Ace....

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System Ace....

I'm brain storming a design problem here.


Once upon a time, there was a System Ace, that took a CF card, and streamed out a file to configure a FPGA.


Well Ive inherited a set of board designs, that basicaly have prog / and init controlled via a expander port, and configuration data and clock streamed from some processor cards !


effectively, I just need to stream in data with a clock when told to !

   I seem to remember some designs that had CPLDs or picoblaze that hooked up to a flash, and did just that

       any one got any pointers, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.


The best answer i have so far is a small processor and flash, 

    just then got to get data in the right format into the flash, 

        but if a working design is around, thats better for me..



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Re: System Ace....



If you look at recent development boards, the older System ACE is replaced by a small Zynq part.  With the newly introduced single core 7010S, that makes it the natural universal replacement.  Boot from SD card into Linux, and execute a script to download files through programmable IOs to the various devices would be my suggestion.



Austin Lesea
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Re: System Ace....

My only usage of a Zynq has been with linux, 

   but the zynq system is not small nore cheap.


Needs an external clock and ddr memory and a fair development time,


sounds a bit of an over kill to do the job done by a Pico blaze in the ACE. 


Not saying programming the PicoBlaze would be that much quicker, 

   but zynq and ddr and linux still sounds a bit much to crack the configuration nut.


Any other ideas ?