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DPD reference design customization

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DPD reference design customization



We are using the the ZCU102 boards to build a multi-antenna digital front end (DFE) using the PC-CFR (v6.1) and DPD (v8.1) IP cores. We tried to use as a basis the reference design that comes with the DPD IP core. We want to use custom waveforms (LTE-like and 5G-like). However, it seems to us that this reference design is thought to be used i) with he XRF2 board, ii) with standard waveforms (e.g., LTE FDD) and mainly iii) programmed through the PS from an application that we don't have the source code and thus we can't customize. For instance, if we want to change the CP filters coefficients in the PC-CFR core of this reference design, this is not possible since these filters coefficients are loaded from the PS application for which we don't dispose the source code. With PS application we refer to the following SW deliverables:

- dpd_smp

- zcu102_plnx_dpd_smp_maxcpus_2017_2.bsp (to build Linux)


We also tried to build a simple HDL design with the DPD IP (without using the reference design) and the dpd_smp application crashes during Linux boot process. Probably dpd_smp is missing some memory mapped blocks in HDL design while trying to configure them. 


If our assumptions hold true, would it be possible to provide us with a version of the dpd_smp application that only manages the DPD IP itself?

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Re: DPD reference design customization

Can you please make sure you are using compatible version of IPs


Pleas share the log dump
Thanks and Regards
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Re: DPD reference design customization

We are using the required versions of the tools (Vivado and Matlab) and also the latest version of the IPs (PC-CFR and DPD).


We want to modify the DPD reference design. In order to do so, we first tried to be sure that the native version (delivered as part of the DPD IP) works as expected (i.e., as it is the case with the precompiled bitstream of the debug interface for the ZCU102 board). So we produced the bitsream from the Vivado project of the DPD reference design and invoked the debug interface from Matlab to program the device with the default programming options, using the software deliverables of the DPD reference design (i.e., - dpd_smp + zcu102_plnx_dpd_smp_maxcpus_2017_2.bsp). The error message that we get in Matlab is the following:


Error using axi_readburst
axi_readburst: Memory read error at 0xAC008000. AXI AP transaction error, DAP status 30000021
Error in axi_readburst
Error in hw_regs/read_burst
Error in hw_regs/read_regs
Error in hw_dfe_rom/get_dfe_parameters
Error in hw_dfe_rom/get_rom_config
Error in initialize_system
Error in config_image
Error in jtag_init
Error in jtag_init
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback



We also tried to instantiate the DPD IP core (from scratch), copying in a certain extent the clocking modules of the DPD reference design, but again without any luck (the dpd_smp application crashes). I don't have the log from this test but I can reproduce it if it would be necessary.


Thanks a lot in advance.


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Re: DPD reference design customization

As DPD reference design we refer to the "DFE subsystem reference design v2.1" which we have downloaded from the DPD IP evaluation lounge

We haven't been able to find a way to use the Xilinx DPD IP core for almost the past two months.

It seems to us that we need to have the right dpd_smp application "talking" to the PL part of the DPD IP core.
Could you please provide us with a Vivado project that instantiates the DPD IP core and is able to work flawlessly with the SW part of the IP core (dpd_smp) AND can also be generic enough to be customized according to our project specifications without breaking the communication between the PS part of the DPD with that residing in the PL?


We can't really proceed to buy the DPD IP, (in fact our system will involve a number of licenses for the DPD, PC-CFR and CPRI cores) if we cannot priory evaluate it with the specific requirements of our project.


Thank you very much in advance.