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Xilinx System Generator or Simulink HDL Coder or both?


I am a new user of Xilinx Vertex-4 FPGA. I am working on an algorithm design and implementation from Matlab to FPGA. I found that these both tools are quite useful since they convert easily matlab code to vhdl and verilog code. I have also found a document which described an integration of Xilinx System Generator with Simulink HDL Coder at Mathworks website and this seems quite interesting. Does anyone has been working with both these tools?Which are his/her experience about their separate use or common use?I would like to use them both or test them both, but in terms of saving time, achieving the best design result and easy of use, in  your opinion, which product can provide this result to the maximum grade?Of course, test them both will give me answers but others experience would be also useful and appreciated.

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Re: Xilinx System Generator or Simulink HDL Coder or both?

In general, HDL coder give much more generic results which will run on many differnt devices from various vendors, while System Generator for DSP will give results optmized for Xilinx FPGA.


With that said, both tools have value, and can be used together.

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