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Visitor dsskjelb
Registered: ‎11-01-2018

More instructions on how to run particular model on DNNDK


I've tried quite a few things with the DNNDK kit, but have trouble getting some other model to run on it; The decent or dnnc tools fail at some point due to the tools not handling the layers I provide. So I wonder if you could provide some better guidance on steps to take to get around these issues. I'll provide one example. I followed this guide, and intended to run this model on DNNDK, but get this issue : 

*** Deephi DNNDK could not support LRN Layer, (pool1/norm1), please delete it or replace it with BatchNorm + Scale Layer and retrain.

Here is the guide I tried to follow :


The question is - how would I modify the train_val.prototxt to remove LRN and replace it with BatchNorm + Scale? And why doesn't DNNDK support LRN?

I assume that if succesful, I would modify train_val.prototxt so uses BatchNorm and Scale instead of LRN, then run training and finally I might be able to run decent and dnnc on my Caffe model.


Hope you can help - I'm sure others have the same questions.


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎02-18-2013

Re: More instructions on how to run particular model on DNNDK

@dsskjelbMay I know the model you want to run through DNNDK? 

BTW, the reason DNNDK does not support LRN is that it is seldom used in the modern networks. Most of the networks use Batchnorm which removes the need for LRN.