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Registered: ‎03-17-2019

AXI Interconnect ID_WIDTH is no longer working


Hello, i have a problem when working with AXI interconnect IP blocks. Until this day everything worked but suddenly my AXI Interconnect moved the AXI Protocol converter to the Master Couplers. This results in the Crossbar not working an returning this error:


[BD 41-237] Bus Interface property ID_WIDTH does not match between /axi_interconnect_0/xbar/S00_AXI(0) and /jtag_axi_0/M_AXI(1)


When I test the same project on Linux, the Protocol converter is placed within the Slave coupler and everything works as expected. I have an AXI4 Slave and AXI4Lite Master. When i convert the signal outside the Interconnect IP to AXI4Lite, a protocol converter is placed in the slave coupler and converts it back to AXI4. I've used older versions of my project, but they behave similar.

Axi Interconnect WindowsAxi Interconnect Windows

Axi Interconnect LinuxAxi Interconnect Linux

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