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Registered: ‎07-14-2017

Applying Constraints File to Module/Entity

If this is posted in the wrong sub-forum please move it to its appropriate location. I am new to the forum, thanks.


I am trying to export a placed and routed design/module that can be instantiated as a sub-module within another design while retaining its physical (among other) constraints. I am able to import the design as a pblock, but I have not been able to successfully import a constraints file and have it applied to that pblock (or even the original module). I have tried the following:

# Setting scope of constraints file in project flow
# I have tried applying, separate, to both imported pblock "testhdl2" and the original module with the same name
set_property SCOPED_TO_REF testhdl2 [get_files name2.xdc]

# Doing the same in non-project flow
read_xdc -ref testhdl2 name2.xdc

I have also tried using the resize_pblock and set_property CONSTRAIN_ROUTING before pblock export, but there is still no constraint information exported with the pblock; it only exports a netlist and I must export my own constraints file. This is odd, as not only does the documentation I have read state it should do so, but it also states it should be a .ucf file(which is long deprecated).


It seems like a trivial task to import a pre-placed and routed module, but due to my lack of Vivado experience I have not been able to figure it out even after reading the documentation.


If I could get some help it would be appreciated, thank you.

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