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Visitor mhord
Registered: ‎03-12-2010

Changing address range in XPS

I'm trying to increase the addressable space of a custom peripheral on my bus from 512 addresses to 2048, and I can't seem to get it to "take".


The connection I'm having issues with is a PLBv46 between the MicroBlaze and my IP; when the project was originally created (not by me), the IP was set up with 512 addresses (0x8000-0x81FF).  Now I need to add a block of addressable memory, and I can't get addresses greater than 0x81FF to show up on the PLB bus address lines- I stick a chipscope in, watch the address lines, and see nothing.  If I issue a write to 0x81FC, I can catch that on the chipscope, but if I up it to 0x8200, no action on the address bus.


In XPS, I've gone into the address range for the peripheral and increased it to 2048.  I've been through the code backwards and forwards and I can't find any kind of masking or out-of-range rejection.


What am I missing?


Mike H

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