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Registered: ‎07-24-2019

Connecting FPGA to GUI via client-server connection using Vivado 2019.1


I have currently made a GUI in PyQT5 (the client) and have made a server using C code. The goal is to send input from the GUI to the server, and then the server interfacing with the FPGA to produce a signal that I will read from an oscilliscope (I am using a Red Pitaya as my board). I have currently made the GUI and am able to send data to the server which it succesfully recieves, however, I am unsure on how to use Vivado 2019.1 to send the data recieved by the server to a specific input I have created in my block diagram. Im assuming I have to assign the input pin with one of the red pitaya ports, but unsure where/how to do that

Basically, can anyone point me in the direction of how to interface my C server code with the input of my block diagram in Vivado. 

My red pitaya board is connected to my PC via ethernet and has its own IP address that I use to run its linux server in PuTTY. I run the server in the PuTTY shell using gcc.  

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