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Participant ipsbiz
Registered: ‎12-16-2008

Crash or no crash? Functionality seems to have changed......

I have 4 designs for a specific project (2 for each of 2 functionals). I seem to have run into a problem with ISE in general...I can't seem to get past the Synthesize process (1 of my designs actually could up till yesterday). ISE now seems to exhibit the same non-functionality with all designs: Implement Design is x'ed (red circle with x....tho for 1 design there is a '-' in a red circle) with Synthesize showing a 'check' in a green circle. Translate also has the x in a red circle. However, while at one point in time I was able to get both a Synthesize and Translate report, I now can't get either. In the past, I think I remember the Synthesize Report would also be either checked or x'ed. I've also noticed that the time to process has been greatly reduced, almost as if the process opens the file and then crashes.


  One thing I noticed is (when the system seemed to be working) that when I changed a schematic, the Processes window cleared out the x's and checks from the processes window indicating (to me) that the processes needed to be run again. Which I would expect given that the design had changed. Now, tho, the process indicators never seem to get cleared.


  Anyone know of anything going on here? I saw suggestions of clearing the temp folder (which I've done) and I've checked my path parameters and it seems to be OK for ISE. I'm on XP SP3. I'm also thinking of creating a new project thinking that maybe the current project has somehow been corrupted. If that provides any useful info, I'll report it back here.


  One other item...the software keeps telling me to look at the "Design Summary". I've never figured how to view that. There's a "sigma" (I think) icon on the main menu which I believe I read would bring up the Design Summary file, but it's been grayed out, as if that function isn't available. Anyone else experience this?


  Thanks in advance...Steph


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Registered: ‎07-15-2008

Re: Crash or no crash? Functionality seems to have changed......

Hi Steph,


It sometimes throws a wobbly eh!


Try this:  In your source window, click on your top level schematic, then right click it (to get the pop up menu) and click set as top module.


 If that fails I’d try copying all the design files (schematics) and the UCF into a different directory, then set up a new project in that directory, add the files while creating the project.   One other thing, ISE often throws a wobbly if you have more than 1 top level design file (you have more than I project in a project, lol I do this sometimes, don’t ask why :-
) )



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