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Registered: ‎12-28-2020

Err about Vivado

I am so fedup and I so dissappointed with vivado and sdk. This is the worst software I have seen in my whole life. Does not what xilinx do with their million dollars of income. If you cannot hire any software developer for vivado and sdk please tell me I will do it for me. I did not any giant company make their software with java platform. Always crashes always creates bugs. Very slow. Very poor software. THe worst software I have used in my life.

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Registered: ‎06-20-2017

You do not know what you do not know, @Kawser .  Somebody pursuing a Ph.D. should recognize this possibility. 

Also, you are free to write your own software, after creating your own chips, and show us how it is done. 

Without any specifics, nobody here will be able to help you. 

As it is, you sound like an isolated Ph.D. student who bit off way more than he can chew.  (You had mentioned your PhD life was hell somewhere else). 

So, stop, take a deep breath, and tell us your actual problem.  The fact that you state Vivado and SDK are the worst you have ever used in your life tells me you haven't used that much software.  It is no doubt the most complex software you have ever used.  It is in fact complex software.  It is powerful, it is bleeding edge, it is practically free.  And what Xilinx does with their millions of income is only your business if you're in a position to take the millions of income you personally provide Xilinx somwhere else.  Otherwise, it is just entitled thinking.

In fact, you might prefer software tentatively called "power point to systems on a chip".  You could import diagrams from visio, or the less complex MS paint, into your presentation, push a button, and it will do everything for you.  But then why would we need engineers?  Or Engineering professors? 

In conclusion, ease up on the declarative whines, and be more proactive about the areas you need help on.  If you're nice, and frame your problem and goal clearly, others who know a thing or two might help you.

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