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Registered: ‎02-05-2018

Figure Recognition in Zybo (FPGA) - Help


I am a student of electronic engineering and I am working in a figure recognition algorithm in MATLAB. I finished the code in MATLAB but now I want to synthesize my code in Zybo. I am really new in this world and I need your help. I know how to program in verilog and VHDL but I need guiadance of an expert. My quiestions are: 


1) How can charge or upload the image in the ZYBO. I know there is a slot for a SD card, can I use it? Or I have to charge the image in the memory of the ZYBO (memory RAM or BRAM)


2) i want to implement my MATLAB code into verilog. That means that I have to create modules that make the operations of my code. In that case how do I charge the data of the image in the operation modules? 


I will apreciatte any kind of help. 

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