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Registered: ‎06-26-2008

Hierarchy doesn't show updated State (only question mark) ISE 7.1

So I had to jump back to an old project that I last developed in ISE 7.1. For some reason, no matter the revision of the project (that is my code), whenever I do ANY process (synthesize, Implement, Verify, Check Syntax), the icon next to the step will change when the processes are being done, but revert to a question mark as soon as it ends. Consequently, if I synthesize code, then, later, after not making any changes, I want to Implement, it will need to resynthesize before it Implements. Additionally, if I want to even view a report within Project Navigator, it will attempt to do all processes up to that report to regenerate it.


Obviously, this adds on hours. Does anyone know what is going on? I checked to make sure the project is not read only, so it should be able to overwrite any files to maintain its state. Any advice?


EDIT: And I attempted to import the code into ISE 10.1 or 11.1, but the import action seems to break my code. It handles it differently and is not a good thing for consistency in my design. Trying to make it work will just take too much time for the task at hand.

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