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Observer pcross
Registered: ‎11-14-2018

IP Integrator Interface Pin Concat

This seems like a simple question/feature request but I have never been able to find a simple answer.


There are certain IP such as the 10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem which have rather unique interfaces namely the xxv_ethernet:ctrl_ports. When you go through the spec you'll find that most of these IP need to be tied to either a constant 0, or 1 depending on your application. Some need variable control and others can be tied to outputs from the block itself. In the IP integrator what this leads to is me taking the interface, expanding it, and having an absolute mess of wires connecting to different signals that is not even remotely readable.


What I was hoping to do is create a hierarchy block where I create the interface as an output and manage most of this mess from inside the hierarchy so my high level is a little easier to read. However, I cannot find a way to expand an interface port/pin so I cannot create individual signals to concat together to form the interface. I understand the interface has variable inputs but I connect it to the IP it should be able to just copy what the IP has configured right?


In conclusion. Is there a simple way to take these blown out interfaces and shrink them back down to something readable? It looks really ugly to have a bunch of constants shoved up against the IP and is a huge pain to read. 

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