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Registered: ‎06-03-2008

ISE 9.1 and MAC FIR v5.1 core generator deadlock?

Hello everyone,


I have a design that contains many FIR filters, each one of them having its own different coefficient sets. I use the MAC FIR v5.1 core to generate the filters, but, according to AR #16433, if there are many MAC FIR cores, they should be placed in subfloders, because otherwise the .mif files will be overwritten. I did that, but now there is another problem: According to AR #24807, ISE 9.1 does not allow to add IP cores from remote directories and the workaround to this solution is to copy the IP core to a different directory from the project directory, and then use the "Add Copy of Source..." option to add the IP core. However, such an action would eventually copy all my MAC FIR IP cores to the project directory, which contradicts the suggested workaround from AR #16433, since the .mif files will be overwritten! Not to mention that according to AR #24477, some of the IP cores files must be manually copied to the project directory, since the "Add Cop of source..." fails to copy all the required IP core files generated.


I hope that I have written in a clear way my problem. Unfortunately I cannot use a different version of ISE. Furthermore, as I said to a previous thread, there are other problems when using the FIR Compiler Core generator, that's why I swtiched to the MAC FIR Core.


Any suggestions would be great


Kind regards,

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