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Registered: ‎08-28-2019

Many of errors in "Save As"

I have an existing project that was created using Vivado 2016.2, when I tried to open this with Vivado 2019.1 a dialog was displayed informing me that the project would be "Read Only" and I was given the option to "Save As".  I gave a new destination folder and unchecked the create subfolder option.

On checking the new files I can see there are a lot of incorrect references which still reference the original project directory structure.  This is very frustrating and time consuming and not something I expect to see in an application that has been around for a long time.  

The fact that 2019.1 still does this is a big concern.  Every sub-folder has a file called ".MySCMServerInfo"  and this file has variable called SCMRespository which points to the wrong location, the original location.  Every file needs editing to correct.

To fix, I used Notepad++ and used the option Search > Find in Files, in the dialog:

Find what: "/original project name /"

Replace with: "/new project name/"

Inclusion of the slashes is important and ensures if like my project the new name has a similar name then it will still work.  Then click on "Replace in Files" button and wait until its done.

Kind Regards,
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