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Registered: ‎11-26-2016

Nonfunctional Bitstream when DISPLAY Variable is not set - Vivado 2018.3, Ubuntu 16.04

Vivado 2018.3 on Ubunut 16.04 generates a faulty Bitstream when the DISPLAY Variable is not exported.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Use Vivado in TCL Mode and use a script to build the design
2. Verify that the DISPLAY variable is exported and run the Build. -> The bitstream works fine.
3. Repeat Step 2, but unset the DISPLAY variable before. -> The Bitstream will not work, the size is significant different to Step 2 if Bitstream compression is active.

Vivado 2018.3
Ubuntu 16.04 (Kernel 4.15.0-66)

Note that this seems to be connected to Ubuntu, the same workflow on Centos 6/7 works fine. The problem was verified on two different Machines. No other Vivado Versions were tested.

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