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Registered: ‎03-29-2021

Opening block design from Vivado 2014.3 in Vivado 2020.2


I have to open a block design done in Vivado 2014.3 ( zc706 board) in Vivado 2020.2. 

In the 2020.2 version, I have tried updating the IPs, but block design still does not open - it gives errors like 'cannot find top attribute in block design file', 'failed to parse design', 'design in block design file is empty' etc.

Today I tried running a block design tcl script from the old project and it said "This script was generated using Vivado <2014.3> and is being run in <2020.2> of Vivado. Please run the script in Vivado <2014.3> then open the design in Vivado <2020.2>. Upgrade the design by running "Tools => Report => Report IP Status...", then run write_bd_tcl to create an updated script"

Does this mean that I have to install Vivado 2014.3 first, run the script to generate the bd, save the project, open in 2020.2 and then update IPs ?

I have Windows 10. Does Vivado 2014.3 work on Windows 10?

Can I have two versions of Vivado on my PC?

I'm using 30 day free design edition license (to use zc706). Can I use this license if I install Vivado 2014.3?


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Registered: ‎04-24-2013

Hi @msj007 ,

The supported and recommended way is to open the design in 2014.3 and save it as a project, then open this project in 2020.2 to upgrade the IP.

Upgrading a block design from 2014.3 to 2020.2 is a large jump, you may even have issues opening the project due to changes in file handling, attributes, IP supplied etc.

2014.3 will not have been tested on Windows 10 as Windows 10 was not released for another year. This is not to say that it won't work, but it is not a supported OS.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 were supported at the time (UG973)

You can have multiple versions of Vivado installed on your system at the same time as they are all installed into separate directories.

Best Regards

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