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Registered: ‎11-13-2009

Packaged IP Constraint File XDC without clocks?

In the IP Packager Guide it is recommended not to provide any clock constraints unless they are the OOC types, is that correct?

If so how to you test your IP Block level constraints without defining clocks.  For example the block I am working on right now had multicycle paths from slow to fast clock domain that need to be handled.

I am just using the slow clock as my source and grabbing it with the command:

set halfclk [get clocks -of_objects [get_port halfclk]]

Which works well when the IP is instanciated as it can find this port on the IP and find the already defined clock on this port.  But when testing it standalone do I have to make an example design to instanciate it into and have it provide the clock.  Is this the expected process?


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