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Participant dhananjay201190
Registered: ‎02-22-2016

RapidWright Design Tool Issue with Vivado

I am trying to synthesize and implement vivado design with Rapidwright. I followed all the steps mentioned on https://www.rapidwright.io and completed the setup. After opening vivado design I am running script rapidwright.tcl and then executing command rapid rapid_compile_ipi. While executing this command I am getting an error for missing .dcp and .xci files for some of the IPs at cache location (Path set as IP_CACHE_PATH variable). Same files I am able to find at projects local directory. I copied manually all required files to required cache location then there is no issue regarding .dcp and .xci files. 

Why I need to copy all files manually? Is there any way to automate these things?

Also after copying all files I am getting a message in Tcl window as Runs completed successfully. But immediately after this, I am getting the message as no .igf file found. 

Please let me know the cause of this issue?

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