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Registered: ‎08-15-2017

SDK Debug MicroBlaze embedded in custom IP


I have a MicroBlaze module that is part of a lower level project. I packaged this lower level project as a custom IP and instantiated this IP in a top level project. This top level project also has a Zynq MPSOC.


I want to be able to create software projects for both the Zynq in this top level design and the MicroBlaze that is embedded in my custom IP.


I can create a software project for the Zynq in SDK in my top level project. I can also create a software project for the MicroBlaze in my lower level project (before it is packaged).


I want to create a project and debug the MicroBlaze from my top level project however I don't get the option to target the MicroBlaze in the SDK environment (using the HDF of my top level project). I do get the option to target any of the processors in the Zynq. 



Is is possible to debug (from SDK) a MicroBlaze instance that is in a custom (packaged) IP? 


I have already tried removing the MicroBlaze Debug Module from the lower level project and instantiating it in the top level. That hasn't worked. 


Any help on this is appreciated. Thank you!


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