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Registered: ‎10-21-2020

To read an old design made with Foundation 4.1i

Hello community,
I need to see a very old Xilinx design made with schematics because this funtionality will be the starting point of a future design. The old design was made long ago with Foundation 4.1i and unfortanately for me, there is not any written documentation about it.

I have read this suport note in order to see the alternatives I have.

I have seen but I can not follow this idea because we do not have an old PC. We have available ISE 10.1 and ISE 14.7 running over a virtual machine. Of course, I have installed also the Vivado environment in my PC.

Could you please read the design and write it in a real pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file for printing them?
Thus, I could think what I have to modify and I will translate all of them to vhdl code.

Thank you very much.

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