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Registered: ‎04-26-2017

Trigger of several IP blocks

Hello all,

I created 16 IP blocks that consist in a counter, and its output goes to another custom IP. My intention is synchronize all of them, so what I did is create an IP block called "trigger" that sends to all of them the input trigger signal. However, what I saw is that not all the counter starts at the same time. So I was wondering how can I garantee that the signal arrives at the same time to all the blocks.

 Any advice? How can I measure the time path from the output of the trigger and each input of all the 16 IP blocks?


Thanks and best regards,



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Teacher xilinxacct
Registered: ‎10-23-2018

Re: Trigger of several IP blocks


If I understand your question... If by arrive at the 'same time', you mean within the same clock cycle, and all you custom IP blocks take the same amount of time to complete, you can probably coordinate that. If the different IPs are doing different length tasks, then you are really coordinating around the critical path.

To measure the time from the 'trigger' to the IP block... do 'implementation' (not just synthesis, and the timing will be more accurate)... open the schematic... click on the 'trigger' (or the IP port)... right mouse click  ... choose report timing... then pick to/from as appropriate. The path timings will appear in the timing tab. You can click on the path, to display what is included in the timing.

Hope that helps

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