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Registered: ‎06-03-2020

Unable to see Option to edit Address for AXI to AHB slave on AXI interconnect

Hi I am integrating a custom IP into a my microblaze system. I was able to implement and program the system without the custom IP, and was able to execute code from Vitis. I then proceeded to add a port to the AXI interconnect to integrate my custom IP. I connected the new port (M04_AXI in the diagram) to an axi_ahblite_bridge, and connected my custom slave to this bridge. My slave is an ahb slave. I then validated my design and recreated the HDL wrapper. After that, on checking the Address Editor, I am unable to see the axi_ahblite_bridge to edit the address to the slave. I am unable to find an option to specify an address range for the M04 port of the AXI interconnect. I have attached the block diagram and the address editor images. Any guidance would be wonderful.AE.JPGDiagram.JPG

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