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Registered: ‎11-13-2009

Using SCOPE_TO_REF inside Packaged IP XDC file?

Problem:  I have an IP block that one of the programmable parameters is to repeat a sub-block within the IP in order to increase the performance.  Within this sub-block I have some timing exception constraints that need to be in place in order to ensure the CDC is handled properly (no false timing warnings).

Thoughts: I was going to have constraint at the subblock level then at the very top of my IP I would have a constraint with the following line:

set_property SCOPE_TO_REF [get_cells -hier -filter {ORIG_REF == mySubblock}] [get_files mySubblock.xdc]

Where the constraint file mySubblock.xdc just has some properly scoped multicycle commands. Which I know work because I have tested them by hand.

So when I run the IP and include both of these constraint files: ip.xdc and mySubblock.xdc I have gotten the following two messages:

get_files not allowed in xdc file.

Removed the "[get_files mySubblock.xdc]" and replaced with "mySubblock.xdc" and get the message Invalid option value "" specificed for objects.

Question: Is there a way to use SCOPE_TO_REF inside a packaged IP so that you can have re-usable XDC files on subblocks?

Question #2: I thought of doing this with TCL but read that you don't get the valuable SCOPE_TO_REF behavior if you have a top level TCL constraint file.

Just trying to figure out a clean way to do this.


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