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Registered: ‎04-28-2013

VIVADO: Two very annoying bugs seem existing from 2017 till now (2019.3), Windows 10

(1) Vivado 2019 regularly forgets all IDE settings, usually a few times a day (they turn to defaults). Particularly, I forced to set the external editor each time and answer over again to all that questions kind of what to do after synthesis (run implementations or show reports).

All is same on 2 different PCs and all versions of Windows 10 from 1703 to 1903.


(2)  Frequently Vivado forgets to show the implementation log in the console.
Synthesis log always present, and the implementation log can be found in the log file, but not in the console.


I am really tired from all this, and I wonder how can it exist so long, so please anybody say me have you seen that?
If you have not, please don't hesitate to to say "no, that's b_u_l_l_s_h_i_t".
Vivado 2016.4 did not show nothing like this.

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