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Registered: ‎04-28-2014

Vivado 2015.3 taking a very long time to analyze block diagrams

I have a Vivado 2015.3 project that contains about a dozen block diagrams.  Whenever I open the project Vivado spends about 15-20 minutes 'analyzing' each block diagram before allowing me to do anything.  This very same project used to open after only a couple minutes.


This appears to have happened after Vivado crashed while I was changing a parameter related to implementation settings (I changed a path to a post run tcl script to something that contained '../../').  But, this might be a red-herring.

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Registered: ‎09-15-2016

Hi @jameson.collins,


The tool should not crash anyways... can you please share the test case for verifying this? You can check the logs at which phase this is occurring.


Is it possible for you to test this in 2017.1/latest version of the tool?


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Registered: ‎04-28-2014

The crash is very reproducible.  Start a new project, select an implementation run, click the options tab, pick any line, type ../../test.tcl, then click out of the field.  I always get a java null pointer exception.  I did try repeating whether this causes the project to take a long time to open... and it appears unrelated...


Unfortunately I cannot share the project.  Could you give me some more information about what log to look at?  The first section that takes an oddly long time is 'Initializing Project...'.  This takes a couple minutes.  After than it begins analyzing the block diagrams one by one, this takes about 20 minutes.  Once the project has finished opening here is what the tcl console says (paraphrased):



open_project /my/project.xpr

Scanning sources...

Finished scanning sources

refesrhing ip repos

loaded user ip repo...

loaded vivado ip repo



I could test it in a later version, but my license expired 2015.10.  I think I can install 2015.4, so I'm downloading that now.

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